Eat & Escape Turns One

September 27, 2015

Today marks the anniversary of my first post. I can’t believe that it’s been a year – there’s been tears, happy dances, bad pictures, great pictures and most importantly LOTS and LOTS of food!!!

Writing a blog has always been a dream of mine so I’m happy that one year ago I stopped talking about it and put fingers to keys to start what is now Eat and Escape. I have loved it all and am so thankful to my loyal readers who find the honest reviews refreshing. While today marks a great day to reminisce on what’s been and celebrate everything the blog has accomplished I am really looking forward and hope you are excited for what’s to come!

There are a lot of ideas I have been thinking through and trying to make reality and some cool new features I will be launching this coming year. For starters, you will be seeing a bit of a face-lift in the next month. I want to make recent posts more visible and make it easier to browse the content on the site. I will also be adding a travel section. From weekend trips to Europe excursions I want to share where I go, what I think and obviously, where I eat. I will also start writing more “top things to eat in …” or “best restaurants in …” type articles to give you a broader picture in addition to the nitty gritty of each restaurant. I also want to start expanding the type of food I review on. I want my non-SF or LA based readers to be able to join in on the fun. So I want to start reviewing food that is available elsewhere: markets, specialty stores, etc. In essence, food that isn’t served to you, but can be bought. There are days that eating at home just sounds better or, let’s be honest, days that you look at your bank account and think, “yup, we’re eating at home” – this is for those days. I’m happy to be your guinea pig and report back 🙂

I also want to hear from you – tell me what you want to see/read after all this is for you. My goal when I started this blog was to help people. I would see a tourist on the street and I wanted them to experience the best my city (I really mean cities) has to offer. It makes me sad when tourists get trapped in the overpriced, underwhelming restaurants and go back home thinking that is San Francisco or that is Los Angeles. Eat and Escape was born out of a desire to reach more people than just those I happened to run into. This is for my locals too, with such booming food scenes and new restaurants popping up everyday I’m here to do the research for you and overeat so you know what’s worth ordering and what money would be better spent elsewhere.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to write for you and thank you for trusting me enough to come back again and again. With a big drink in hand cheers to the past year and cheers to the coming one. Tomorrow we will resume your paid programming (except not paid at all lol) of reviews and delicious pictures. I’m off to go eat ‘til then.

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