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Trois Familia

April 8, 2016

The Shut-Up-and-Give-it-to-Me-Quick Version:

Great mix of French and Mexican inspired dishes – loved the flavor! Expect a wait.

The I-Like-to-be-Wrapped-Up-in-All-the-Details Version:

Trois Familia  definitely isn’t for everyone, with less traditional options and very unique flavors – you must be open to the experience. Starting with the strip mall location, the place is pretty unique. The restaurant is well located in Silver Lake because it seems to attract a younger, hipster crowd. When you arrive, put your name down on the clip board and expect to wait at least 20 minutes (more if you come during peak brunch hours). There are about 6 picnic style tables so even with communal seating, they’re working with limited spots.

The service was unmemorable, but nice. Everything comes out pretty quickly which is appreciated and people don’t seem to linger too long. The dishes, while on the smaller side are filling. They suggest family style ordering and I think that’s the best way to go.

As the name suggests, this restaurant is part of the “Trois” family (Trois Mec and Petit Trois). However, this is the much more casual and laid back family member, so your Sunday best is not required.

Mon – Sun   8am – 2pm

What we ate/drank:

  • Nutella malt ($6)
  • Crispy hash brown chilaquiles ($9.75)
  • Churro French toast ($9.75)
  • Potato tacos ($12.50)
  • Galette crepe ($12.50)
  • Chicken milanesa ($11.95)
  • Omelette burrito ($10.95)
  • Tres leches cake ($7.99)


Even though I love nutella, I was a little skeptical because when I hear “nutella malt” I think thick, heavy milkshake. This is exactly the opposite – it’s more of a chocolate milk consistency and it’s absolutely delicious! The drink isn’t cloyingly sweet and has a refreshing taste. Order one, take one to go and buy one for someone you love – if the feeling isn’t mutual this will definitely help.

Whatever preconceived notions you have about what certain dishes should look like – throw them out the window before you dine at Trois Familia. The descriptions are loosely followed, but the innovative end result is usually worth the confusion. These “chilaquiles” are really just an egg on top of a slab of hash browns. The sauce is the main winner here. They should consider bottling it up and selling it because it would go well with eggs, chicken, fish, french fries, your finger…

The rest of the dish is a little basic, but I think that’s the point. Don’t expect too much and just let the sauce be the star of the show. Plus, you can’t go wrong with hash browns.

I included the second picture to show the consistency. This French toast is like a sponge: it’s soft and has soaked up all the Mexican chocolate sauce. The flavor is spot on and while I really enjoyed it, I might suggest getting this for the table. I don’t think it would be as satisfying as a meal, but it’s definitely a must-order.

These tacos were a surprising favorite. They look a little blah, but they are full of flavor. I love a good potato and cheese quesadilla so this enhanced version was right up my alley. It’s filling and I would definitely recommend it!

I was most excited about this  dish because I LOVE chorizo, but although it was good, it didn’t capture my hear the way the other, more flavorful dishes did. This is a great savory crepe, but if you were only ordering a couple things off the menu – I’m not sure this should make the cut.


The chicken milanesa is the dish everyone in my family was talking about when we left. The maggi ranch and cucumbers were the real winners. This had so much flavor and was so fresh, that it really stood out. The chicken was moist and crispy with a good amount of sauce and lots of pizzazz.

Everything that made the chicken milanesa so great, was everything this burrito was lacking. It was bland and very average. I like when burritos are juicy, dare I say even a little messy, but this was on another level. Every time I bit into it there was juice erupting out – it made for a very uncomfortable eating situation.

I was very fixated on ordering the tres leches cake to finish our meal; I love tres leches and how can you say no to a cake with a candle (even when it’s not your birthday, you should always be celebrating). This cake, however, didn’t provide much to celebrate. Besides the fact that it didn’t taste very traditional, it was super sweet! The sprinkles threw me off because there were so many and they were crunchy. The frosting was nothing special, very disappointing actually. I would end on a good note and skip this. If you’re looking for a good tres leches cake try Monarca Bakery.


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