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Specialty’s Cafe

November 19, 2014

Since my love of sweets has become an addiction, I usually end up at Specialty’s Café in the morning (most mornings).

The Shut-Up-and-Give-it-to-Me-Quick Version:

Orgasmic. (sticky bun review only).
I can’t imagine ordering anything else because this is literally heaven in my mouth!

The I-Like-to-be-Wrapped-Up-in-All-the-Details Version:

Here’s the issue: on my way to work I pass one of their locations and if I didn’t bring myself an I’m-trying-to-be-healthy breakfast, then my willpower often loses to my stomach and I end up at Specialty’s. You can judge me all you want, but you should try passing by their store on an empty stomach. Warning: you can smell the baked goods from a block away!

Their location on Clay and Sansome isn’t big and it can get pretty busy in the mornings, but the line moves quickly and the staff is always friendly. They have many locations in San Francisco and other neighboring cities in the Bay Area. I can’t vouch for the consistency of the sticky buns in other locations, but this one really has it down pat!

What I ate:

  • Sticky Bun ($3.10 – tax included)



This sticky bun is topped with pecans and has the perfect texture (slightly crisp on the bottom and gooey, soft and fluffy inside). The honey/caramel topping is not overwhelmingly sweet and perfectly covers the entire bun. I like that the consistency of the sauce never gets tacky and doesn’t stick to your teeth. The pecans add a crunch and substance. This sticky bun is my favorite, there is only one other place I have tried that I like (it’s hard to find a good sticky bun). Another bonus is, if for some crazy reason you don’t inhale it right away, it lasts until the next day and still tastes fresh.

I should mention that a few months back I would get a not-so-good sticky bun every now and then, but my love for this pure delight kept me coming back. One morning I finally told the manager that their product wasn’t always consistent and he was very appreciative and concerned, since then it’s been perfect sticky buns every time!

I don’t know how else to explain how I feel, but my mouth literally goes to heaven the second this sticky bun touches my tongue.  Its gooey perfection! Just do yourself a favor and skip your healthy breakfast tomorrow… I promise I won’t tell.

Other items I have tried and would recommend: chocolate chip cookie, dark chocolate chip cookie with walnuts, and pastrami sandwich.

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