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July 20, 2015

The Shut-Up-and-Give-it-to-Me-Quick Version: 

A must try for any sushi aficionado. Service is traditional and extremely attentive.

The I-Like-to-be-Wrapped-Up-in-All-the-Details Version:

Omakase is the latest sushi restaurant to hit San Francisco. This quaint, 14-chair SOMA restaurant is not your typical sushi joint that let’s you order salmon and yellowtail nigiri. They only offer chef’s choice indicative by price: $100, $150 or $200 – there are 2 sittings: 6pm and 8pm. We sat there for almost two and a half hours so I would definitely suggest reserving the second sitting, since there will be no one after you.

Every detail has been thought out, from the purse boxes to the dishware – Omakase has spared no expense in making your meal an experience. Most of the dishware used throughout the evening are artisan crafted antiques from Japan. From start to finish, the staff was attentive and extremely proper. Chef Jackson was very nice; it seems that they feed off your vibes, so if you wish for them to be more talkative, you should initiate conversation (also sharing your sake with your sushi chef – as customary in Japan is a good way to break the ice).

Omakase aims to take your palate on a culinary adventure! This restaurant is not for picky eaters or those who prefer to dine in their comfort zone. With their tasting menu, you will probably try something you’ve never had before. This 19-course dinner is meant to excite your senses with unique ingredients and traditional Japanese cooking techniques. The fish you enjoy has been flown in from the famous Japanese Tsukiji Fish Market so you’re guaranteed only the freshest of ingredients.

Tues – Sat   5 pm – 9 pm

What we ate:

  • 2 Omakase ($150 per person)
  • Carafe of Nishida “Kikuizumi” sake ($23)


Upon sitting down, each guest is welcomed with a complimentary glass of Krug champagne. The $150 omakase menu consists of 2 appetizers, 3 kinds of sashimi, 12 pieces of nigiri, 1 maki and 1 owan. It is definitely filling – which I appreciated. The following are a few of the courses:
The house-made squid ink cake pictured above was unique and surprisingly scrumptious. With black truffles the sauce had a bit of a kick. The texture was so light – it felt like a cloud. I was delighted with the airy perfection of this dish.
The golden eye snapper was a first for me and I loved it. This had me oohing and ahhing!
They serve 2 different types of uni presented like the picture to the right, but I couldn’t help taking a picture of this scrumptious box. I can’t resist a beautiful box of uni, can you?
This monk fish liver was some of the best liver I’ve ever had, smooth and super flavorful. I loved this!
Toro is my favorite so naturally this was a highlight for me. However, it wasn’t just the nigiri that was amazing, the toro handroll was one of the best handrolls I have ever had. It was so fresh, so tasty and literally amazing!!!! This was definitely orgasmic!
This Japanese butterfish was a favorite of the night! Seared and served with pickled ginger (which was DELICIOUS – if I could’ve bought a jar of just those I would’ve) the fish was flaky and super tasty.

While the picture above isn’t a course, I thought it was very cool. This is what real, fresh wasabi looks like. Most of the “wasabi” served at other restaurants doesn’t actually have any wasabi in it. At $100/lb, this isn’t exactly cheap, but at Omakase – it’s the only kind they serve. It’s richer with a slightly milder taste and it makes a big difference.

The video below is how it goes from what you see above to the green paste that ends up on your plate. It’s only 27 seconds, so please indulge because it’s simple, but pretty cool.

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