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Oldies but Goodies Part 1

December 12, 2014

In an attempt to keep this blog up-to-date, I only post about restaurants I have been to recently. However, there are many go-to favorites of mine, both in LA and SF, that I haven’t been to in a while to make time for new adventures. Since I don’t want you to miss out on some oldies-but-goodies, I will share some below. Kicking this series off are a few from Los Angeles.

Hope you enjoy your weekend and maybe you can squeeze in a restaurant or two.

Typhoon: This has been a go-to for years, located in the the Santa Monica Airport, this Asian fusion restaurant serves up an amazing catfish in black bean sauce and their mashed potatoes are to die for. Other favorites include green beans, lettuce wrap, and vegetable and pineapple fried rice.

Typhoon is a casual environment, but a majority of the people are nicely dressed, think jeans and a nice top. If you love live music check their website for details, they have many events (click their name above, I have linked it to their website).

The Apple Pan: Great burgers (hickory burger), fries and pies (apple pie with ice cream). It’s been an LA staple forever; no reservations, just counter seats that you must stand and wait for. (Beware: not open Mondays!)

Super casual environment, dressing the part is not an issue there.

Pizzeria Mozza: I think every serious foodie has been here, and if you haven’t you must go! Their prosciutto sandwich is amazing (along with their salads), but the real winner is the pizza, it would be a sin not to have one. My favorite is their squash blossoms pizza with burrata and tomato. Still topping best restaurant lists, Pizza Mozza remains an LA must try.Casual environment, but considering the crowd, most people look pretty put together.

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