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Nighthawk: Breakfast Bar

September 15, 2016

The Shut-Up-and-Give-it-to-Me-Quick Version:

Why haven’t I been spiking my cereal all along?!? Love the concept and the execution, I will be back.

The I-Like-to-be-Wrapped-Up-in-All-the-Details Version:

Nighthawk: Breakfast Bar, recently opened in Venice, serves breakfast for dinner. When I say breakfast I don’t mean your average 2x2x2, I’m talking inventive breakfast-inspired dishes that appeal to the rebel in you. Yes it’s ok to have pancakes and french toast for dinner! I can totally get on board with this and for those that can’t see themselves eating sweets for dinner, they have plenty of savory options. The portions are decent, the service is attentive and friendly and the ambiance is fun. Plus, they are open ’til 1am everyday!

Mon – Fri  5pm – 1am
Sat – Sun   11am – 1am

What we ate:

  • Honey Nut Cheerios & Bourbon ($14)
  • Purple Haze ($16)
  • Big Bird & Short Stack ($16)
  • Drunken French Toast ($14)


These cute cups are on the table, the idea is each person gets free coffee and you pay to have alcohol added to it. $9 for 1 cup, $14 for 2.

Honey nut cheerios milk with bourbon! The truth is I’m not sure why I haven’t been spiking my cereal all along. Alone at home? Eat spiked cereal. Sleepover? Share spiked cereal. Child can’t go to sleep? Feed them spiked cereal. All jokes aside, I didn’t know what to expect. The milk tastes exactly like the milk at the bottom of your cereal bowl and they simply throw some bourbon in there (there isn’t any actual cereal in there). They are generous with the bourbon, so the flavor is definitely there, but the result is a rather satisfying beverage. I don’t know that I would order it all the time, but I definitely recommend trying it, especially if you’re ordering a sweeter dish.

Tip: If you’re against warm milk and it takes you a while to finish your drinks, just ask for a bucket with ice. I suggested to our waiter that they serve it champagne style so you’re drink never gets warm (because who likes warm milk?!?), but assuming they don’t adopt this idea, you can request the hack yourself 🙂

The Purple haze is made up of duck confit with purple potato hash, duck egg and habanero relish. I really enjoyed this, but I wouldn’t call it amazing. The center of the dish was much better because it had the egg, the toppings and all the flavor, but overall I enjoyed the other dishes so much more. The habanero relish was definitely the stand out component, it added a kick and really brought everything together.

The fried chicken and sweet potato pancakes were amazing! The fried chicken was crispy and tender and the sweet potato pancakes were moist and fluffy. I really enjoyed the chili butter on top and definitely think the two complemented each other well. Throw a little syrup on top and that’s a meal I’ll be coming back for again and again. My only recommendation is that the presentation is better. The plate was too large for the items on there and it didn’t look as great as it tasted. But when it tastes that good, you forget about the presentation once the food hits your mouth.

The French toast was described to us as rich and heavy, but I would say it was the opposite: light and not too sweet. This is the perfect way to end your meal. We ordered it as a dessert and enjoyed every bite. The bread was delicious and the mascarpone mousse was the perfect topping!


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