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Myriad Gastro Pub

June 30, 2015

The Shut-Up-and-Give-it-to-Me-Quick Version: 

Delicious food, great ambiance and amazing staff. I will return ASAP!

The I-Like-to-be-Wrapped-Up-in-All-the-Details Version:

The result of Chef Tricia Tracey’s (or Trish, because when she’s as bubbly and social as she is, you feel like she’s your friend #firstnamebasis) first restaurant is the perfect combination of high-end and comfort. The second you walk in, the restaurant feels inviting with a cool vibe. Separated by a wall, the first room showcases the bar and some of the kitchen, with higher tables and a little more volume, while the other side is a bit quieter with dining tables and more classy decor. You can tell a lot of detail and attention has gone into the design. Behind the bar, there’s a wall covering made from coconut skin – don’t pay attention and you’ll miss it and in the dining room there’s a gorgeous wall paper that gave me all sorts of good vibes. I also like that the open doors and sufficient windows allow for good lighting.

For only having been open 10 days, Myriad Gastro Pub had everything together. Our waiter, David, was amazing! He described everything in great detail, paired our meal with the perfect drinks and made our experience a memorable one. I love when waiters know the menu and really believe in what they are serving. From the busboys to the Chef, everyone was professional and friendly.

The menu is based on Trish’s (remember we’re on first name basis haha) New Jersey roots of home cooked comfort food. The restaurant’s moniker comes from the various places she’s been and the influences that go into the food she prepares. The menu showcases Indian spices, French and Italian techniques and Latin influences. These myriad of flavors make up a cohesive set of dishes that come from comfort.

Sun – Thurs  5 pm – 10 pm
Fri – Sat  5 pm – 11 pm

What we ate:

  • Forbidden Lowball ($10)
  • Eastern Orchid ($9)
  • Gewurztraminer, Mill Creek ($12)
  • Hondarrabi Zuri, K5 Arginano ($13)
  • Pinot Noir, Baileyana ($14)
  • Deviled eggs ($2 each)
  • Olives ($6)
  • Farm toast ($7)
  • Chicken liver mousse ($9)
  • Fried chicken sammies ($11)
  • Bone marrow ($11)
  • Roasted halibut ($28)
  • Roasted lamb sandwich ($14)
  • Cochinita pibil ($19)
  • Apricot blueberry pecan crispy ($8)
  • Ice cream sandwiches ($7)


The Forbidden Lowball (the darker of the two drinks pictured) was a lot like a Moscow mule. They only have a wine and beer license so their drinks are not as strong, but delicious. I often feel that cocktails without hard alcohol aren’t as good, but that wasn’t the case with the drinks at Myriad. The ginger taste in this drink was the most prominent.

I loved the Eastern Orchid; most closely resembling a lemon drop, this drink was perfectly tart. It wasn’t too sour or sweet and it went down easy! This is the perfect summer drink (she says as she waives the waiter down for 2 more). 

The olives were a great start; very different and super fun. It was a bit of a party in my mouth and I loved it. A mix of both black and green olives, they were topped with harissa and orange that gave a citrus-y kick.

THOSE DEVILED EGGS! This was definitely a highlight. For some reason, in the past few years I’ve become very fond of deviled eggs and these ones didn’t disappoint. The salsa verde on top with the radish and greens was amazing. It was so flavorful and everything melded together perfectly.

The toast was another highlight, it looked like a work of art. The cheese, sage-roasted plums and toasted pistachios solidified that this is not your mother’s toast, and trust me she’s jealous. The plum paired so well with the cheese and just when you thought it would be too sweet the pistachios kick in. It’s perfection! 
To accompany our small plates we ordered the Drycreek Valley Gewurztraminer. This was very good, normally thought of as only a sweet wine, this surprised me. It was dry so it wasn’t sweet and it paired really well with our appetizers.
I love bone marrow and this version had a great flavor. The sherry demi-glaze and tarragon-horseradish gremolata really added a nice depth. I would definitely order this again. My only qualm is that for the size of the bread, I would’ve liked a little more bone marrow (or maybe smaller bread – just so it didn’t feel like I had all this extra and nothing to eat it with). Since there is left over bread make sure you aren’t letting any of the sauce go to waste – soak it up!
The fried chicken sammies were delightful; the chicken was super crispy and very tender and the pickled veggies really enhanced the flavor. I wish I could order a full size of this sandwich!
The potted chicken liver mousse was good, but it was my least favorite. The onion jam made it a tad too sweet so eating more than 2 bites was difficult. If you really enjoy chicken liver mousse and are dining with more than two people, this could be very good. But if you are deciding between this and anything above, I would choose the latter.
The halibut was served with clams, guanciale, dried tomatoes, and corn in a green garlic sherry broth. The dried tomatoes really did it for me, it was the perfect pop of flavor that the fish needed. The fish was flaky, delicate and light.
The lamb sandwich with Moroccan tomato jam, feta and cilantro aioli was delicious (my favorite of the entrees)! Oh, and the arugula salad was perfection. Lightly flavored with cumin, this peppery leaf was a perfect complement to the warm, middle eastern-flavored sandwich. I loved this dish and the extra rich toppings made it that much better.
The cochinita pibil was a great latin flavored dish – it tasted authentic and rich. The combination of the avocado, onions, jalapenos and green chile tortillas was a party in my mouth. However, I would’ve liked to see a lot more of the sauce to make the pork less dry. Other than that, I really enjoyed all the flavors.
Oh sweet heavens, this apricot blueberry crisp was ORGASMIC! The crème fraiche ice cream was very tasty and the warm, gooey, slightly crunchy crispy was delightful. The mix of flavors wasn’t too sweet or tart, it was literally perfect. There isn’t anything I would change about this dessert (except for maybe the size – as in double please!).

The ice cream sandwiches were very tasty – the buttermilk blackberry swirl ice cream is what really set it apart and the blackberry compote that was served on the side is what took this dessert from good to great. What could be an average chocolate cookie ice cream sandwich, solidified itself as a worthy menu item with the blackberry compote. The richness in flavor and the slight tang was exactly what this sweet treat needed.

We sat for about 2 hours enjoying the restaurant and eating almost everything on the menu and my experience was great. I was so pleased to see how solid the service and menu items were. I would definitely recommend you check out this new restaurant before word gets out and reservations become difficult to come by.

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