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November 19, 2014

The Shut-Up-and-Give-it-to-Me-Quick Version:

Well-priced, yummy Vietnamese sandwiches!

The I-Like-to-be-Wrapped-Up-in-All-the-Details Version:

Munchboxx is not far from my work, so I decided to check it out. I was happy to see that this hole-in-the-wall had quick service and great prices. They sell both sandwiches and boba; their sandwiches also range from Vietnamese to more traditional American sandwiches. You can take your food to go or sit at one of their 3 tables or barstools. The inside is nothing special but it serves its purpose. I would suggest ordering your sandwich to go and eating it at a neighboring park.

They do accept credit cards; however, there is a $5 minimum or .50 charge if it is under $5.

What I ate:

  • Five-spice chicken Vietnamese sandwich ($5.75)




I loved it! I thought it was tasty, well-stuffed, good meat-to-vegetable ratio, and filling! This sandwich comes on a french roll stuffed with chicken, pate, onions, lettuce, mayo, pickled carrots, picked daikon, cilantro and jalapeños. The pickled vegetables were my favorite, giving the sandwich a great taste. The chicken was also really well seasoned and cooked just long enough to be well done all the way through, but still retain its natural juices. You have the option to order this with or without jalapeños and if you are willing to risk slight spice, I would definitely recommend it (everything tastes better with a little kick). The bread is crunchy, but not hard and I especially liked how fresh everything tasted. If you are in the area, looking for a quick and tasty bite, I would definitely recommend it.

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