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Mr. Holmes Bakehouse

June 25, 2015
The Shut-Up-and-Give-it-to-Me-Quick Version:
Delicious! It is worth getting up early. Earlier than you think, though, because they seriously do sell out!The I-Like-to-be-Wrapped-Up-in-All-the-Details Version:

This weekend I finally made it out of the house early enough to make it over to Mr. Holmes Bakehouse. I arrived around 10 a.m. and they were already sold out of the cruffins, however, I did indulge in all their other sweet offerings. When I arrived, the line was about 8 people long and it moved pretty quickly. The storefront is small, there is enough space for the counter and a small bar along the window (for 2 people to sit). There is also the famous “I got baked in San Francisco” sign on the wall (2 stools sit right under the sign). I would recommend simply picking up and finding somewhere else to sit. I decided to walk a few blocks to Contraband Coffee Bar, order some tea and enjoy the day.

Mr. Holmes Bakhouse Hours
Mon – Fri   7 am – Until sold out
Sat – Sun   8 am – Until sold out

Contraband Coffee Bar Hours
Mon – Sat    6:30 am – 9 pm
Sun    6:30 am – 7 pm

What I ate:

  • Croissant ($3.50)
  • Chocolate Croissant ($4)
  • Amalie Amann ($4)
  • Vanilla Custard Donut ($3.50)
  • Blueberry Brioche ($4)
  • White chocolate macadamia cruffin ($4.50)


Update (6/25/15): I finally tried the cruffin and Cali croissant! Oh my goodness, the cruffin is now one of my favorite desserts – by far!!! It was heaven in every bite. The crispy outer later and fluffy croissant type texture filled with white chocolate and macadamia nuts was insanely delicious! They are hard to come by unless you are there by/ before 9 am (which is when the cruffins come out – even though they open at 8 am), but it’s worth the early rise because I promise these are desserts of perfection. 

The Cali croissant is the most buttery flaky croissant filled with ginger, salmon and nori. I was a little skeptical about this, especially when they toss in a side of soy sauce, because I still associate it with a bakery which was giving me mixed feelings. BUT… it turned out to be delicious. You obviously should like sushi in order for this to be your thing and toss out the sweet idea. With that in mind, once you bite into it, you can’t help but like it. The croissant is the real selling factor, it’s perfect just like all their other treats. It’s the flakiest croissant and has just the right fluff. 

Mr. Holmes Bakehouse, san francisco, eat and escape, bakery, restaurant reviews, nob hill

Mr. Holmes Bakehouse, san francisco, eat and escape, bakery, restaurant reviews, nob hill

Mr. Holmes Bakehouse, san francisco, eat and escape, bakery, restaurant reviews, nob hill

Mr. Holmes Bakehouse, san francisco, bakery, eat and escape, restaurant reviews

Mr. Holmes Bakehouse, eat and escape, bakery, donut, doughnut, bakery, croissant, amann, restaurant reviews, eat and escape, nob hill

This was delicious! The donut was not greasy, it was sugary (but not overly so), and the custard was the right consistency. I loved the vanilla flavor, all around an amazing donut!

Mr. Holmes Bakehouse, san francisco, eat and escape, bakery, nob hill, croissant, eat and escape, restaurant reviews

This is everything you want in a croissant: buttery, flaky, and fluffy! Amazing!
While not as good as the kouign amann at b. patisserie, they had the exterior just right… super flaky and caramelized. The thing that was lacking was the gooey, delicious inside.

Mr. Holmes Bakehouse, san francisco, nob hill, bakery, eat and escape, restaurant review

Mr. Holmes Bakehouse

Contraband Coffee Bar, tea, san francisco, restaurant reviews,eat and escape

Contraband Coffee Bar

This was great, but I would say it was my least favorite. I loved the blueberry inside; it isn’t clear from the photo, but there were whole blueberries within the filling and it made every bite that much better (picture sugar and bursts of ripe blueberries). It was tasty, but I wouldn’t order it again.
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As I stated above, I headed to Contraband Coffee Bar and ordered a green tea, there was no line and it came out immediately. There are 4 tables outside and multiple seating areas inside. I loved the presentation of the tea and it tasted delicious!
Contraband Coffee Bar on Urbanspoon

Mr. Holmes Bakehouse, san francisco, bakery, blueberry, eat and escape, restaurant reviews, nob hill

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