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Johnny Doughnuts

January 11, 2016

The Shut-Up-and-Give-it-to-Me-Quick Version:

Good not great.
On the pricier side for a doughnut and way too dense. I won’t be going back.

The I-Like-to-be-Wrapped-Up-in-All-the-Details Version:

Yesterday, after my weekly visit to the farmers’ market, I decided to try the much-talked-about Johnny Doughnuts. It’s worth mentioning that while they are opening a brick and mortar location on 4th street in San Rafael, it is not currently open – don’t pay any mind to Google’s “hours”. They do, however, have their truck parked outside for now. They also make a weekly appearance at the Larkspur Off the Grid every Saturday.

It was about noon when I showed up and they had a decent selection of flavors left.

Check website for times and truck locations.

What we ate/drank:

  • Lemon poppy doughnut ($3.25)
  • Blueberry doughnut ($3.25)
  • Chocolate doughnut ($3.25)


I purchased the blueberry doughnut because it looked delicious, the lemon poppy-seed because the girl behind the counter said it was the most popular and the chocolate because I needed a basic one for comparison.

All three flavors themselves were delicious: the blueberries tasted pretty authentic (albeit a little sweet), the lemon poppyseed was a nice change and the chocolate was just right. However, the dough part (read: extremely important – it is part of the name) was way too dense. I like my doughnuts fluffy, light and airy. These were doughy, thick and not very good. When thinking about a great traditional and simple doughnut, I always go back to Randy’s. Sorry for my SF readers it’s an LA thing, but I do love Donut Alley in Marin as well. These places provide a no frills, great doughnut. What I love about Randy’s is how fresh they are. They are so good that the next day they are still fresh. I added the above photo to show you just how much dough there is in a Johnny Doughnut. It looks appetizing, but you’ll see there’s not much air and since the doughnuts are pretty tall, it makes eating them a little difficult.

I had really high hopes for these and it was a huge let down, $10 dollars later and a few wasted calories (although I hope not many because I didn’t finish them), the only fun part was taking pictures in front of the adorable elephants on the side of the building.


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