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Italian Delite

March 27, 2015
Following on the heels of my Iron Springs Pub and Brewery review, I thought I would keep the Marin momentum going and feature another casual go-to. This is more take out than anything, but it’s definitely worth mentioning.
The Shut-Up-and-Give-it-to-Me-Quick Version:
Best Philly cheesesteak in Marin.

The I-Like-to-be-Wrapped-Up-in-All-the-Details Version:

This find is all thanks to Dennis, apparently this was a huge hit in his high school days and although I’m well out of high school, I stop by often. I love picking up Italian Delite for a picnic, random unhealthy eating day (who am I kidding my healthy days are the random ones), and most recently to take to a friends house and do what girls do best… talk and eat!

The location is a little secluded and awkward to get to if you don’t turn on the right street, but once you make it there, parking is easy and you’re in and out in less than fifteen minutes (or call ahead and you can literally keep your engine running). There are a few tables to sit there, but it’s not a very exciting atmosphere so I prefer to take mine somewhere scenic (I mean you’re in Marin – there are parks and hills galore).

What I ate:

  • Philly Cheesesteak ($11)




For some reason, on this particular day, I was having a memory lapse and ordered a full order ($11, halves are $5 and change) and let me tell you, it’s HUGE (that’s what she said – sorry I couldn’t help myself) <– there are some opportunities in life you just shouldn’t pass up haha. Anyways back to the sub, I normally order a half and that’s what is shown in the picture above.. I don’t know why it’s called a half, they should rename the sizes (whole and goliath). I had half that night and saved the other for lunch. The price then, as you can see, is extremely reasonable. I like to get mine with everything on it, this includes hot sauce, grilled onions, cheese, and green bell peppers). Let’s talk about the things that matter, cheese and hot sauce… I will openly admit I have never been to Philadelphia and, therefore, do not know what constitutes an authentic cheesesteak, but I do have a vast knowledge of those they serve in California and this is definitely one of the best I’ve had. I don’t like gross movie-theatre-nacho cheese on my Philly or cheese from a can, I like provolone and Italian Delite serves just that. Also, I don’t know if buffalo hot sauce is a Philadelphia staple, but that is what you get when you ask for hot sauce at Italian Delite and it only makes the sandwich better. I honestly can’t have a philly cheesesteak without it. All in all, the sandwich is delicious and if you’re looking for something quick, Italian Delite should be on your list!

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