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Iron Springs Pub & Brewery

March 24, 2015
The Shut-Up-and-Give-it-to-Me-Quick Version:
Best nachos in Marin!

The I-Like-to-be-Wrapped-Up-in-All-the-Details Version:

Right before you hit the center of Fairfax, you’€™ll find Iron Springs. Like most things in Fairfax it isn’€™t fancy, but you’€™ll usually find it busy (especially on warm nights). They have a few picnic tables outside and plenty of seating inside (as well as a bar). It’€™s a bit dated, but always clean.

Mon   4 pm -€“ 11 pm (happy hour all day)
Tues   4 pm -€“ 11 pm (happy hour 4 – 6)
Wed – Thurs  12 pm €- 11 pm (happy hour 12 -€“ 6)
Fri   12 pm -“ 11:30 pm (happy hour 12 -€“ 6)
Sat 12 pm – 11:30 pm (happy hour 4 – 6)
Sun  10 am -€“ 10 pm (happy hour 4 -€“ 6)

What I ordered:

  • Black bean nachos ($10.99 for full order + $9 for steak)


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While they boast a great selection of beer (and brew their own) I come exclusively for the nachos. Sorry I’™m just not into beer (yet… give me some time). Dennis, however, loves the beer/nacho combo so don’€™t worry someone is enjoying it :). I have tried other things on the menu, some better than others (I’€™m not a fan of the grilled cheese), but the nachos keep me coming back. It’™s an easy go-to and we’€™ve never had to wait to be seated. The nachos are vegetarian and come with the option to add meat. I do think it’€™s a little pricey ($9 extra) to add steak, but trust me it’€™s worth it. They don’t skimp on any ingredients and the steak is always tender and amazing! Oh and make sure you try it with their house-made salsa, it is DELICIOUS! You can thank me later.

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