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September 4, 2015

The Shut-Up-and-Give-it-to-Me-Quick Version: 

Ice cream and house-made donuts… need I say more?

The I-Like-to-be-Wrapped-Up-in-All-the-Details Version:

Okay I can’t help it, when I hear ICDC, I think college – as in the one advertised on TV. However, you and I both should really be thinking ice cream and donuts because this spot on Beverly Blvd. serves both and they do it quite well. The service was great, the people behind the counter were very nice and totally helpful.

The location is small, no place to sit, grab your ice cream, stuff a donut in your mouth and be on your way. P.S. I LOVE that they are open later – you know sweets aren’t just for the morning (this is just my rant about bakeries that choose to close at 3 pm).

Closed Mondays
Sunday, Tues – Thurs  8 am – 10 pm
Fri – Sat  8 am – 11 pm

What we ate:

  • Simple Donuts ($2.50)
  • Fancy Donuts ($4)
  • the ICDC ($8)


The ICDC is essentially an affogato on top of a donut and let me tell you it’s delicious! I don’t drink coffee, but coffee ice cream is great and affogatos are amazing. I will note that this particular espresso is very strong so it’s really nice to have the donut to balance out the flavor. This is a great little treat – it’s even shareable – but you may not want to 🙂

Wow the donuts were great. I wasn’t a huge fan of the strawberry cream filled one, but the brown butter and salt and pepper caramel were great. I was particularly in love with the brown butter. Every bite was heavenly!

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