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November 19, 2014

Hide (pronounced hee-deh) is a sushi restaurant that has never failed me. My parents have been eating there since before I was born. You know on my About Me page where I say that when I was 5 I used to ask that we eat sushi? Well, this is the place! I could go on and on, so here’s why I’m in love:

The Shut-Up-and-Give-it-to-Me-Quick Version:

Great, authentic sushi. No frills… just fresh and consistently good! Beware: Hide doesn’t take reservations, is not open Monday, and is a CASH ONLY restaurant (there is an ATM inside)!

The I-Like-to-be-Wrapped-Up-in-All-the-Details Version:

As I mentioned above, I have been dining at Hide even before I had a choice. Although now, with the choice, I always go to Hide when I am in L.A. This little restaurant on Sawtelle (West Los Angeles) has nine tables and a bar (I believe it seats between 8 and 10). They do not take reservations and it can get pretty packed around prime lunch and dinner hours. However, if you show up just outside those peak hours, you are usually seated within ten minutes.

Here’s the drill… when you walk in, go straight past the register, and behind the plant there is a sign-in board. Put your name down, your choice of seating (bar or table), and the number of people in your party. That’s it, pretty simple! This is important, because if you dilly dally around, then a regular (who knows the drill) will put their name down first, even if you got there a few minutes before. So remember, name on list, and then wait to be called. I should warn you that they have gotten strict about having your whole party there when they call you to be seated and the I’m-going-to-say-we’re-four-and-have-my-fifth-friend-come-later trick doesn’t fly too well.

The service at Hide varies. To be honest, there are some waitresses that are super nice and other, younger ones who really could use a training course or two. The guy who serves tea is so sweet, he’s been there even longer than I’ve been going there, so you can imagine.

Fundamentally, I just love that the sushi is fresh, no crazy sushi rolls and no cream cheese in sight (if you know what I mean).

What we ate:

  • Yellowtail nigiri ($5 for 2 pieces)
  • Salmon nigiri ($4.80 for 2 pieces)
  • Albacore nigiri ($4.80 for 2 pieces)
  • Salmon sashimi ($13.30 for 7 pieces)



I love the melt in your mouth, perfect wasabi/rice/fish ratio nigiri and Hide serves just that! Their salmon is always one of the highlights; it is so buttery and tasty (my mouth is literally watering). Another winner is the albacore; I have albacore at every single sushi restaurant I go to, and this is one of the best (make sure you eat it with ponzu sauce). There’s not much more i can tell you except that I don’t think you will be disappointed. In my opinion this is also a great place because the quality always surpasses the price. For an L.A. sushi spot, I think the prices are very reasonable.

Other favorites: shrimp and vegetable tempura, salmon teriyaki, dynamite (I like it with clams and scallops), scallops special (cut roll), spicy tuna handroll, and yellowtail neck (this is cooked).

Side note: Read the menu because some dishes, such as the salmon teriyaki, come with rice and miso soup.

There are also things for people who don’t like sushi (weird!): my sister orders the cucumber avocado roll and although my brother likes sushi, he will often order the beef teriyaki combo with tempura since he likes it so much.

Hope you enjoy! Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post about a “Winner” lunch at Belden Place (SF).

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