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May 6, 2016

The Shut-Up-and-Give-it-to-Me-Quick Version:

Between the shrimp, lobster and potato gratin, I was in heaven!

The I-Like-to-be-Wrapped-Up-in-All-the-Details Version:

It’s a tradition that for my mom’s birthday we head to Vegas as a family. Considering it’s family, we don’t party hard and gamble ’til morning; our trips always consist of great food, shopping and good shows. Harvest, located in the Bellagio Hotel, was our first stop! Roy Ellamar is the chef behind this farm-to-table, sustainable and seasonal restaurant.

The service was attentive and very nice. The restaurant wasn’t busy on a Friday night, though we did show up on the later side. I would say this restaurant leans on the dressier side, but then again, are you ever overdressed in Vegas?!?

Mon – Sun  5pm – 10pm

What we ate:

  • Grilled Cauliflower ($12)
  • Sashimi of the day ($16)
  • Grilled Filet Mignon ($54)
  • Live Maine Lobster ($49)
  • New England Diver Scallops ($38)
  • Potato Gratin ($12)
  • Blue Lake beans ($10)


We started with a few dishes to share, my family always prefers family style – it’s MUCH more fun that way. The cauliflower (at the top of the picture) was great: fresh, flavorful and a great start!

These shrimp were my favorite of the night. I couldn’t stop raving about them and I think about them constantly. Simple, but delicious! Full of flavor and crispy on the outside. I love when the whole shrimp is presented – it makes it taste so much better.

I was most disappointed by the sashimi, it just didn’t have enough flavor. I loved the crispy jalapeño, but as you can see, there were only three. The whole dish was underwhelming.

I really enjoyed the scallops, they were cooked just right (not chewy or soft) and the fresh greens and vegetables tied the dish together. Not overly complex, but very tasty!

As a main dish we ordered the lobster and it was fantastic. Well presented, lots of meat and full of flavor!

My sister isn’t into seafood so we got filet mignon. It was tasty and cooked well, I wouldn’t say it was super memorable or the best steak I’ve had, but it was good.

We chose the green beans and potato gratin (not pictured because my family isn’t as well trained as Dennis to wait before consuming haha) as our sides and both were definitely things I would order again. The potato gratin was amazing – cheesy and creamy perfection! The sauce on top of the green beans made the dish and the nuts added depth and texture. I loved both and would highly recommend.


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