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Della Terra

February 29, 2016

Sorry for the radio silence, I got an allergic reaction to something (still unknown) and was dealing with hives (I might add I’m allergic to Benadryl so I was having a fun time just riding out the reaction). I am back and have quite a few reviews coming your way! Thanks for your patience 🙂

The Shut-Up-and-Give-it-to-Me-Quick Version:

On the fence.
Not everything is a winner, but there are some great dishes. I wouldn’t necessarily pick this restaurant as one I would frequent.

The I-Like-to-be-Wrapped-Up-in-All-the-Details Version:

I tried Della Terra’s brunch last month in celebration of my aunt’s birthday. We were sharing the front room with another big celebration and it was the perfect space. The restaurant is great at accommodating large groups and the front room is very nice because there’s a lot of natural light. The service wasn’t particularly great; the guy was either the manager or owner and I didn’t feel very well received – he wasn’t very friendly or talkative. On the plus side, the menu is large so everyone will probably be able to find something.

Mon – Sun  11am – 11pm

What I ate/drank:

  • Short rib benedict ($16)
  • Brioche French toast ($10)
  • Spaghetti alla vongole ($26)
  • Pepperoni pizza ($15)


On the top left corner of the picture above you can see the short rib benedicts. A few people ordered this dish because it was different than most benedicts served elsewhere. While I liked it, I didn’t think it was spectacular. I might opt for something different next time.

I was not impressed by this French toast at all! I didn’t eat most of it, which shows how mediocre it was. The bread was dry and very thick and it didn’t have much flavor.

On the other hand, I was quite surprised by this pasta. It was full of flavor and was perfectly al dente. I would definitely order this again. If you’d like to try the pastas, I would suggest going on a Monday when they are $10!

The pizza was really good; it was cheesy and had lots of pepperoni. I wouldn’t go specifically to get a pizza, but if you are there it’s a great dish to share.

My family has since returned to the restaurant and while I can’t give my stamp of approval, everyone raved about the silver dollar pancakes, so I would give those a try if you stop by for brunch.

Overall, the food is good, but I am not excited about going back. With places like Sqirl, Square 1 Dining and Scrumptious Cafe, I don’t see myself going brunching there anytime soon.


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