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August 20, 2015

The Shut-Up-and-Give-it-to-Me-Quick Version: 

Good not great.
Not impressed, with great steak houses in LA, I can’t justify choosing Cut. The mac and cheese, however, was amazing!

Mon – Thurs 6 pm – 10 pm
Fri   6 pm – 11 pm
Sat  5:30 pm – 11 pm

The I-Like-to-be-Wrapped-Up-in-All-the-Details Version:

During my last visit to LA, we celebrated my dad’s birthday at Cut. I have been to Cut before, a long time ago, and I have great memories of the food and service so I was excited to visit again. The layout of the restaurant isn’t my favorite and for being at the Beverly Wilshire, it feels a bit cold. There’s hardly any décor and the seats were more like office chairs. We sat on the platform area – which was kind of nice because we had space and could hear each other. The service was great, although our food did take a LONG time to come out and considering most were medium rare steaks – it was a bit ridiculous.

What we ate/drank:

  • Hello Kitty ($19)
  • Japanese hamachi ($26)
  • Bone marrow flan ($19)
  • Bone in filet 16 oz ($58)
  • Mac and cheese ($19)
  • Wild mushrooms and shishito peppers ($22)
  • Romano beans, haricot verts, sun-dried tomato($22)
  • Banana cream pie
  • Dark chocolate souffle


The drink was great, I couldn’t taste the alcohol and it was perfectly sweet – just the way I like it. I did ask for it without the chili and I’m glad I did. Warning: it’s a little too easy to throw these back 🙂

The Hamachi dish was my least favorite! It had no flavor and was really disappointing. The menu made it sound like it had a lot of ingredients, but the dish was bland and very mediocre.

I have the best memory of the bone marrow at Cut and I was most excited about that; however, this time while tasty – it didn’t blow me out of the water. I also wish they would’ve used better bread. I really dislike when good (and pricey) restaurants skimp out on meaningful details.

My steak was good, but nothing special. Cut has a tendency to burn (am I supposed to call it charred?) the outside and I just don’t like that. It leaves the meat less juicy and not as flavorful, in my opinion.

The mushrooms and shishito peppers were delicious – this is one of those dishes that you wish you knew the recipe so you could create at home! The sauce was very tasty and the flavor was super rich.

The mac and cheese stole the show, I love mac and cheese and this is some of the best I’ve had. It was cheesy, stringy, rich and very delicious! A mac and cheese to-go might be my only reason to return to Cut.

Desserts were good. The chocolate soufflé was great, but my favorite was the banana cream pudding – it was fresh, light and really tasty.

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