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Chantal Guillon

July 22, 2015

The Shut-Up-and-Give-it-to-Me-Quick Version: 

My favorite macarons in SF! The sweetest staff and the most delicious breakfast items.

The I-Like-to-be-Wrapped-Up-in-All-the-Details Version:

Without meaning to, I’ve kept Chantal Guillon my little secret for a while. I mentioned it briefly in this post, but it wasn’t until I visited their SOMA location that I knew I had waited too long to share this gem with you. Upon walking in I was immediately reminded of this adorable café I went to in Milan, which instantly gave me the best feeling. This location is huge, with all white furnishings and pops of color. The space is large, but welcoming. Against the white, you’re able to appreciate the real stars – the sweets behind the glass – decadent, colorful and very tempting. Everything about Chantal Guillon makes me okay with gaining 5 extra pounds.

I was able to meet Chantal herself, her daughter Alexandra and the pastry chef Michael and let me tell you they are the sweetest people. It makes my love for this place reach new heights. In talking to Michael I was excited to find out that he is a real innovator and has lots of plans for this great bakery. I love a place that keeps reaching for new goals, constantly trying to improve and give their customers something new to fawn over (and trust me I’m fawning).

This 7-month-old location is now their hub, all pastries are made here (this is the only location that has a full menu) and delivered to their Palo Alto (macarons only) and Hayes Valley (macarons and morning pastries only) locations. With this location their menu offerings have expanded as well – they serve breakfast and lunch items and a full line of treats – tarts, macarons, croissants, English scones and mini cakes.

SOMA Hours
Sun – Mon  12 pm – 6 pm 
Tues – Sat  11 am – 7 pm

SOMA Summer Hours
Mon – Fri  8:30 am – 6 pm
Sat  10 am – until Sold out
Closed Sundays

What we ate:

  • Iced tea ($3.50)
  • Croissant ($3)
  • Fruit tart ($6.75)
  • Chocolate and raspberry moon ($6.75)
  • Rum Raisin scone ($3)
  • Macarons ($2.15 each)
  • Parisian ($8.75)
  • Goat cheese tartine ($8.75)
  • Eggs cocotte ($10.25)


Their macarons are my favorite in San Francisco.  I got to try their new strawberry macaron and they literally tasted like biting into a strawberry. They always have 12 permanent flavors and some seasonal ones. The strawberry ones launch tomorrow so make sure you head over! A few of my other favorites are pistachio, lavender (you guys know my obsession with lavender and these are DELICIOUS), and salted caramel.

This past weekend I got to visit their SOMA location so it was the first time I got to try something other than macarons and let me tell you… everything is amazing!!!

Let’s start with their croissant – WOW… it was flaky, buttery and warm. This was great, it wasn’t greasy and it was so light! I loved it 🙂

The berry tart was delicious. I loved the cream and the actual tart was flaky and very buttery. The flavors are light with just the right amount of sweetness. I really enjoyed this!

If you like scones these are perfect – they aren’t dry and they have a lot of flavor. There will be varying flavors (I believe a blueberry one is coming out soon), but this one was rum raisin and although I’m not a huge raisin fan, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

The chocolate and raspberry moon is essentially a chocolate mousse cake with a touch of raspberry mousse inside covered in chocolate and adorned with macaroons. I really liked the macaroons because it gave a nice crunch and as you probably already know I am obsessed with chocolate and raspberry flavors together so this was great! It probably could’ve had a bit more raspberry, but it was delicious. Another reason I know that Chantal Guillon and I are meant to be is because they use Valrhona. I have talked before about my obsession with Valrhona and I found out, in talking to the pastry chef, that he too LOVES Valrhona chocolate. So naturally, this cake was delicious.

The Parisian is a French baguette sandwich with French ham, gruyere, lettuce, and pickles. This reminded me of the amazing sandwiches you get in Paris – simple, yet delicious.

The goat cheese tartine was great! This open-faced tartine with goat cheese, herbs and thin cucumber slices was refreshing, light and very tasty! The portion size is also very generous and filling.

Ok, this was definitely my favorite!!! The eggs cocotte was the most delicious breakfast item; I can’t even explain how amazing it was. This dish came with French ham, soft boiled eggs, crème fraiche, herbs and gruyere served with a side of toasted homemade brioche. Every bite was heavenly – the bread was so fluffy and fresh and the ham and cheese were deliciously warm and gooey. Then try adding a soft boiled egg on top – I think I’m in love (sorry Dennis). Everything about this dish was perfection!

As you can see I’m quite a fan – the atmosphere they create in their adorable cafes along with the delicious food and sweets, makes this one of my favorite places.

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