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April 30, 2015

Newly opened Burmatown has brought a lot of flavor to Corte Madera and I finally got to have a taste!

The Shut-Up-and-Give-it-to-Me-Quick Version:

The food was great and the service was amazing! Burmatown is just what Corte Madera needed.

The I-Like-to-be-Wrapped-Up-in-All-the-Details Version:

This small restaurant has a sleek modern look that highlights a few Southeast Asian touches. The place feels clean, cozy and lively. The service was great and the walk-through of the meals was much appreciated. Everyone seemed happy and thoroughly invested in the food and my satisfaction. It felt family run because there wasn’t a detail that went unnoticed and I really liked that.

What we ate:

  • Tea leaf salad ($11)
  • Kimchi Potstickers ($8.50)
  • Crispy Organic Angel wings ($8.50)
  • Mohinga Burmese fish chowder ($13)


The tea leaf salad is made with tea leaves fermented in house, cabbage, romaine hearts, dried shrimp, mixed Burmese nuts and beans, and jalapeno tossed in a garlic-lime dressing. This salad tastes fresh and has a lot of flavor; however, I would venture to say that the one at Mandalay Bay in San Francisco tastes just a little better. I really like that this feels like a true salad with the romaine hearts and cabbage, but I wish it had a bit more punch, I think some garlic chips would take it to the next level. It’s still a great salad and I will order it next time I eat at Burmatown – in fact I’m kind of craving it right now!
The kimchi potstickers were right up my alley! Stuffed with kimchi and pork and served with a sweet soy-chili sauce. I loved the sauce, it wrapped the whole dish together. It was flavorful and delicious!
The angel wings were chicken wings covered in a house-made chili garlic sauce garnished with sesame and cilantro. The wings were really tasty, not fatty and very crispy. I like that they had a lot of sauce, but weren’t soggy. Out of the appetizers, Dennis was in love with the wings and I was in love with the potstickers. We were actually having a mild debate over this as we were eating haha. Both are super flavorful, but I preferred the potstickers. There is something about the soy dipping sauce that I really enjoyed!
The fish chowder is Burma’s national dish and though I don’t have any prior Burmese chowders to compare it to, this one was delicious! Served with thin rice noodles, onion, hard-boiled egg, cilantro and crispy chickpea fritters. I drizzled a little lemon in it and loved it. It’s a full bodied soup with lots of flavor. I loved the chickpeas because they gave a crunch to the dish and the fish and noodles made it very hearty. I am a fan!

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