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April 21, 2016

Updated as of April 21st: please find comments in red.

The Shut-Up-and-Give-it-to-Me-Quick Version:

Great food, delicious drinks, friendly service, and a fun/laid-back vibe. Certain dishes are underwhelming, but if you order the right ones, this place is a real winner!

The I-Like-to-be-Wrapped-Up-in-All-the-Details Version:

I had no expectations of Bergerac before I walked in. I hadn’t heard of it before and I imagined a bar with typical American fare (bites really). When I entered, I was immediately pleased with the ambiance; the space is large, but it feels cozy with eclectic decor and dim lighting. The space has lots of different seating – I have enjoyed a proper meal at one of their high tables and also sipped drinks on the couch with friends. Later in the evening a DJ plays and, every time I’ve been there, it’s been great music. It gets a little loud later in the night, but I suppose that depends on the crowd. While there isn’t a designated dance floor, there’s a bit of room around the DJ and people looked they were having fun taking advantage of the space. If you come earlier in the night, you can definitely enjoy a more intimate, quiet dinner or celebrate with a larger party (they have many areas that accommodate bigger groups).

Tues – Fri  5pm – close
Sat     6pm – close

What I ate/drank:

  • Oaxacan Firing Squad ($12)
  • Cherry Hairy Whiskey Sour ($12)
  • Truffled French fries ($8)
  • American Wagyu tartare ($14)
  • Roasted bone marrow ($16)
  • Parisian gruyere gnocchi ($16)
  • Mac and cheese ($10)
  • Southern fried chicken sliders ($14)
  • Parisian beignets ($7)
  • White chocolate bread pudding ($7)


I started with the Oaxacan Firing Squad (the smaller, darker drink) and although it’s not for everyone, it really grew on me. It’s a bit smokey and though the first notes come off sweet, the final taste is tart.

The Cherry Hairy Whiskey Sour (not on the menu, but they will make it for you by request) was the definite winner of the night. It’s kind of like a Sour Patch Kid – sour.sweet.gone (I couldn’t help myself). Honestly, though, that describes it really well, they should consider renaming it haha!


Update: As part of their new cocktail menu, we tried the Blue Ribbon Mule and I really liked this. It had the essence of the Moscow Mule with more depth and less ginger. It was a bit on the stronger side, but not overpowering or too intense.

The truffle fries (seen in the 1st picture) were perfect – crispy, thin, and full of flavor! I’m picky with my fries because I just rather eat calories in the form of dessert. However, there’s nothing like good fries and these fit the bill.

The fried chicken sliders (seen in the 1st picture) are 1 of the menu items I would skip. The chicken itself is crispy, tender and flavorful, but the bun was reminiscent of something you might find at a kids birthday party and not alongside a restaurant that serves bone marrow. The ratio of chicken to bread was also off and I would’ve liked more condiments. We asked for hot sauce and it made a big difference, but, all in all, it was a bit dry and underwhelming.

Update: The buns on the fried chicken sliders have been changed and the difference is immense, much much better! The chicken has also been tweaked; the result is a crispy, juicy chicken that is worth ordering. I would still recommend a little hot sauce because it makes everything better.

We ordered the bacon covered dates and deviled eggs as starters and I loved both! The dates weren’t too sweet; the bacon was smokey and the blue cheese was an excellent complement because it cut the sweetness and added a lot of depth.

The deviled eggs were simple and tasty. They were more traditional deviled eggs and I really enjoyed them!

This time we tried the beef sliders which I liked. As you can see there was a generous amount of cheese; the meat does all the talking. It’s high quality beef and not much sauce. If you like a lot of condiments, this may not be for you, but I suppose you could ask for ketchup.

I really enjoyed how different this salad was: mizuna, parsley and mint with pickled grapes and green beans, tossed in an olive oil dressing and topped with goat cheese. The pickled vegetables were the best part – if anything, I really thought there should have been more of that and the cheese. I felt, at the end, we were left with a lot of greens. The punch from the pickled veggies and the freshness of the cheese really made the salad. I will say that this is not for everyone, the greens add a strong taste with the mint and parsley so be warned. 

The house-made tagliolini is delicate and quite tasty. The combination of the cheese, mushrooms and bacon is delicious! I would definitely recommend this dish!

I was intrigued when I saw duck gnocchi on the menu and decided I had to try it. This is wonderfully simple – the flavors don’t jump out at you, but the ingredients do the talking. The carrots are perfectly caramelized, the duck falls apart and the gnocchi is just delicate enough. The savory, brown butter makes it super light.

I’m on the fence about the mac and cheese. It isn’t something I’ll be reordering, but it wasn’t bad. I’m very particular about mac and cheese, there are VERY few that impress me. I often find they’re not cheesy enough, too watery, bland or hard and chewy. Bergerac’s version was cheesy, but not very rich. I found that it lacked flavor, but oddly enough, it got better as it cooled down. If you’re feeling like calories aren’t of any concern, throw a little bone marrow on top – it’s weirdly satisfying.

This is where the food really sealed the deal for me. The meat was of superior quality with a great flavor. The truffle is quite evident and I loved the whole thing!

I’ll let you in on a little secret – bone marrow gets me excited; there’s something so delicious about it. If I think about it too long, my mind often reminds me that it’s a heart attack waiting to happen, but, truth be told, I don’t really care. If that’s the case, I’ll die happy. This fatty perfection was delicious; the fennel pollen gave it a wonderfully deep, earthy flavor.  I wasn’t a fan of the bread, but I was able to overlook that.

Update: They recently upgraded the bread and although it’s much better, I miss a delicious crispy sourdough.

Clearly worried about my summer body, I decided I needed both desserts. I liked the bread pudding much better; I found that while the beignets had a great texture (they literally dissolved in your mouth), the flavor wasn’t there. The bourbon whipped cream was a little too intoxicated and it just felt like empty calories. The bread pudding, on the other hand, was a winner! The lavender whipped cream and lemon curd really tied it together. I love lemon and lime with everything – soups, vegetables, fruits… I could go on. However, I’ve never been enticed by key lime pies or lemon desserts. The lemon curd paired with this bread pudding wasn’t overpowering. It’s tart and rich, but it complements the dish and enhances the flavor. I would definitely order this again.

Update: The beignets have been reworked and I am happy to report they are MUCH tastier! I still feel the same about the bourbon whipped cream, but the beignets themselves have definitely improved. 


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