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3 Best French Toasts in Marin

February 6, 2015
If the post doesn’t say it all, I have been diligently eating French toast for a while, trying to find the best! I don’t have a special preference for French toast, as you will see each one is so different, but they all offer a tasty and very memorable experience. If you haven’t been, these places shouldn’t be missed and if all you get to try is the French toast, trust me you’re not doing yourself a disservice.

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M.H. Bread and Butter
$11Last weekend the boyfriend and I headed to San Anselmo to try this little gem and boy was I happy we did! The French toast at M.H. Bread and Butter is made with thick cut brioche that is then baked or soaked because the result is a soft, almost flan-like consistency that just melts in your mouth. This delicious dish comes with three large slices and is topped with baked apple and served with maple syrup on the side. The combination of flavors is unique and delicious. I’m not a fan of baked apples, but it complemented the French toast very well.Side note: We also ordered some of their Rustic bread ($5/small round loaf) and their fried egg sandwich ($9.75) and both were divine as well.

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Farm House Local
$11I love heading to Farm House Local on warm mornings because their outside patio is a nice and relaxing place to sit and enjoy the sun. Plus their seasonal stuffed French toast is a must try! Farm House Local serves their French toast stuffed with cream and strawberries topped with powered sugar and toasted coconut. The dish also contains strawberry sauce at the bottom and a few berries. It is truly delicious! I was ooh-ing and ahh-ing the entire time.Side note: Their paninis are also a great option.

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Le Garage
$12Their Pain Perdu, as Le Garage likes to refer to it, is made from brioche with crème fraiche and house-made berry compote. This French toast is very unique because the outside is a bit crisp while the inside is moist. The bread also holds the flavor and juices in really well so when you cut into it, you get a crispy, light and sweet bite that sends you straight to heaven! I love anything berry and this was no exception; I didn’t even need any syrup, it was perfect just the way it was!

If you haven’t tried these delicious French toasts yet, go out this weekend and start eating! Let me know what your local favorites are! Stay tuned tomorrow for a Marin breakfast spot and don’t forget to subscribe (in the right column at the top) so you never miss a post!

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