Los Angeles Donut Festival

October 13, 2015

Good bakeries are hard to come by, but donut shops are everywhere. Every city has them and if we’re talking about LA I am partial to Randy’s Donuts. I have spotted that huge, now-discolored donut from the car since I was a kid. And it’s always a delight when someone walks in with a pink colored box because in my family it’s never from anywhere but Randy’s.

Since I started Eat and Escape I have felt a need to branch out and see if Randy’s truly is the best. I wanted to make sure that they not only withstood the emotional test (ok, I admit I’m attached), but the taste test as well. I have been going to various places trying to get a good assessment of what Los Angeles has to offer. Therefore, when I heard about the Donut Festival I bought 3 VIP tickets and I was THERE! This was the final test because, let’s face it, anymore donut tastings and I’ll start looking pretty round myself.

Everyone was there – Randy’s, Bob’s, Stan’s, California, DK’s, Spudnuts, and many more. There were some that I’ve been meaning to try and each shop showcased at least one flavor. I tried them ALL and, let me tell you, I decided that day that while donut shops are a dime a dozen – they aren’t created equal. There were some that were too dry, too much, too fake tasting, or just plain gross. After all those calories there were definitely some that I straight up spit out because it just wasn’t worth it.

So which did I deem not only worth the calories, but worthy of seconds too?

(You’ll have to scroll through a few pictures from the festival to find out)

While I stand by the idea that Randy’s is still 1 of the best for simple donuts (think chocolate, glazed, apple fritters, cake donuts) and even though Spudnuts officially won, I think ICDC was the real winner that day. I have reviewed them and really loved their donuts. I am here to tell you that, in fact, they are the best. They were debuting their new apple donut (pictured above) and oh my I actually went back for seconds. The caramel and real baked apples set this over the top. It was sweet without being too much and just had the best flavor. It’s great for fall, but even better all year round so I hope this donut is sticking around. You need to run out and get yourself 1… or 5!

I will say I really liked Spudnuts creme brulee donut – it was very different and really tasty (this is probably why they won that day), however, I wasn’t as excited about their fruit filled ones.

1 Saturday and what’s probably 5 pounds later – my vote is with ICDC!

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