January 23, 2016

Living in SF means I get notices about new apps all.the.time. And often I find that after I download them, I don’t use them. However, after using Allset a handful of times I value the convenience. Allset is an app that makes sit down lunches quicker and removes the unnecessary lag time. The app allows you to reserve a table, invite friends, order and pay for lunch and dinner at certain restaurants.

The ease is what attracts me to this app and I love that I can sit down somewhere and enjoy my meal on a proper plate in the same amount of time it takes to order it to-go. Most people only get an hour lunch and it goes by pretty quickly when you have to wait to be seated, to order and to pay. Allset takes the hassle out of it.

I will say there are a few ways they could improve:

  1. The app doesn’t currently have a way to book restaurants in advance.
  2. A take out option used to be available, but I don’t see that anymore
  3. I feel like the restaurants leave you be more than they would normally. I noticed that since I was “taken care of” they didn’t come by my table as often.

This is definitely not for those who like to sit before choosing what to order, but I find this is a great solution for weekday lunches. It also makes splitting the bill with your friends or coworkers a breeze.

Give the app a try and let me know what you think. I contacted Allset and they agreed to give my readers $10 off your next meal. Simply go to the “Promotions” section of your profile and type in LUNCH10. I highly suggest using it at restaurants like Chiaroscuro – the seafood linguine is amazing and it makes the $23 price tag much more lunch friendly!

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