About Me

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My name is Kristal and I am a 25 year old living in Marin and working in SF, with roots in LA. If it’s not already obvious I’m always doing one of three things: eating, taking pictures of food or traveling. I am a round-the-clock, non-bias, sweets-loving eater with a passion for anything food related. I am not an expert in the culinary field, but I was that 5-year-old who asked for sushi instead of McDonald’s, so hopefully my long-time obsession for good food will make choosing your next meal that much easier. Eat & Escape is here to help you find the best eateries. The focus is The Bay Area and Los Angeles. I eat everywhere from taco trucks to steak houses… so follow me on all my food adventures!

The newest addition to the site is travel! In addition to helping you find the very best meals, I want to share my insight to all the must-see places. With cities as jam packed as Los Angeles and San Francisco, it never hurts to have a local perspective. I want to help tourists and locals alike find the hidden gems, feel free to browse this site, email me or request a custom itinerary!


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.Random food related facts about me

I ALWAYS have room for dessert!

I’m adventurous and will try anything at least once (I’ve had snake, frog legs, escargot, ants, scorpions)

I could eat fresh nigiri anytime of day, multiple times a day

I use the word orgasmic to describe GREAT food

My life dream is to be a guest judge on Iron Chef

I love restaurant hopping 

Drink preferences

I like lemon with my water

I’m a Moscato kind of girl (I don’t discriminate… I like it bubbly or still)

I’m an avid tea drinker

I love anything with cucumber

Margaritas done right are the reason for my existence

Mimosas are my new obsession

I haven’t quite acquired the palette for red wine (I know… I know… I’m sorry) – I’ll work on it!

Disclaimer: I have a hard time relying on larger review sites (cough *Yelp* cough) because I know most reviews are commissioned by the companies themselves and frankly I don’t appreciate when people give restaurants either a good or bad review by just walking in or making a reservation (you have to actually sit down for it to count haha). I firmly believe in providing honest reviews; therefore, my promise to you is that everything on this blog is solely my opinion and all thoughts are my own.

If you have any questions, suggestions, complaints or kudos please email me. I read all emails myself and will try to provide a prompt response.